Sermon, Salt and Light

Why are Christians compared to salt?

Christians have spent ages trying to unpack the meaning of Jesus’ metaphors about salt and light. In this Sunday’s sermon, we do spend some time discussing different aspects about the utility of salt.

But Jesus isn’t so concerned about practical applications of his metaphor. Instead he intends for his hearers to reflect upon what seems initially to be an absurd possibility–that salt could somehow become unsalty.

How could salt lose its saltiness? By not being salt in the first place. What makes salt, salt? Elementary–it is just made that way.

What makes people salt? God.

How does he make them salt? One doesn’t have to go to far to find out the answer: By God’s grace alone through faith alone. The beatitudes are God’s promise to change the state of his followers from poor to rich, mourning to comforted, empty to full because He is kind and because He chooses to rescue them by His power alone.

God has chosen to make people salt and light through Jesus. Without Him we are not salt. God’s kindness and power radiate outward from Jesus to all who come near to Him. Thanks be to God!


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