Sermon, The Beatitudes

Are you mourning? Are you trampled upon? Are you experiencing moral failure?

Don’t let the beatitudes become a 12 step program to work your way out of an emotional, mental, or moral slump.

Don’t twist them into attitudes that you must have in order to experience success.

The beatitudes tell us what Jesus does for us!

Jesus comforts those who mourn.

Jesus feeds his people who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Jesus shows mercy.

Jesus makes peace.

Jesus loves.

The beatitudes are God’s promises to you. Jesus’ death and resurrection are your guarantee that God will not snuff out a flickering candle, nor will he bruise an already broken reed. He will not break his promises to you.

The sermon on the mount shows us first how much God loves us before it reveals how we ought to love God and our neighbor. The beatitudes are the doorway through which we must pass if we are to understand how to love God and our neighbor. What is the door? That God first loves us.


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